Sputnik Sweetheart

db917-2010-12* Granddad used to be built like a tank. When I was little he was the strongest man ever. Just by looking at the width of his arms and wrist, I could tell that he was indestructible.

* Heavily drinking wipes my memory in a scary way. Even though I try to reconstruct what I’ve lived by putting together digicam snapshots, there are plenty of black holes in my memory.

* They barely knew each other when they had a full moon picnic on an east village rooftop….

The Beautiful Downtime

d19ac-2010-11* “And you knew the hand of the devil. And you kept us awake with wolves’ teeth sharing different heartbeats in one night” (Heartbeats by The Knife)

* We’re holding hands while we walk gritty streets filled with homeless beggars, junkies and dealers. On the middle of a block, we found the same spot where used to be a club of pain and pleasure, carefully decorated with lust and colors. But now is nothing more than a badly drawn cartoon of what it was. We don’t stay with the past for long. Together we continue our walk. Because we only care about the future… and its beautiful downtime.

Moon Dust Will Cover You

523d9-2010-10There was a girl trying out different dresses and getting food stains on purpose. Somewhat I believe my grandparents’ house was nearby. I was given two sets of keys while the party was going on. A song that repeated “sophisticated lady” reminded me of Anya. A group of guys were picking up electronic gear to assemble some sort of audio setup to perform and play music at the party. A guy arrived and went around us kissing everybody in the mouth. Then I woke up.

Strange Days

* It’s been a long time since I spent time with my Dad. He came to visit only for one weekend but it was great. We got buzzed with wine and beer and talked a bit about everything. He no longer has super powers (he lost them as I grew up), but he’s definitely one the coolest friends I have.

* “These bonds are shackle free, wrapped in lust and lunacy. Tiny touch of jealousy, these bonds are shackle free” (Ask For Answers by Placebo)

* My younger sister Juliana said to me: “relax”. And it sounds like an obvious choice. Why not? Let time go by and do its job.

* (kid) you’re going to kill me (sarge) yeah! (kid) i’m so glad…

Flower Sun Rain

296be-2010-08-28* He couldn’t sleep all night, spinning around in bed while thinking a thousand things. He remembered just how randomly they met 100 years ago, when they made eye contact, lights and sparks from both of their eyes blinded everybody around. They would dance and travel for years and then when they got exhausted, they would slow down and settle for some quietness in a secret place only they knew. Their first encounter was a gift from chaos to them. It was their choice that kept them together, and their choice broke them apart….. then chaos welcomed them back.

* Psychedelic noise rock pierced my ears with passion and love. Wata’s voice and her guitar, Atsuo ‘s powerful drums and Takeshi’s drone bass…. they are Boris. Whatever is left of my ears still rings and buzzes with pleasure.

* Sitting on the roof top, watching the sun fall down, wishing she was there.

Bruise Pristine

* It was Tuesday when I was born. Premature baby, only seven months in the womb. So I was told… maybe because my parents got married in December and I was born in June. Or maybe my mom was already pregnant when they got married. And there are no pictures of the wedding. Like it didn’t happen. Either way I got myself into their lives. I was a premature baby.

* We tend to forget so easily. But when I get to be 101 years old I want to remember everything. That’s why writing and capturing images is so important to me. Even now after 10 years in New York City there is so much to remember. Thank you for being part of my life.

* (Grusynskaya) Who are you? (Baron Felix von Geigern) Someone who could love you. That’s all. Someone who’s forgotten everything else but you. (Grusynskaya) You could love me? (Baron Felix von Geigern) I’ve never seen in my life anything as beautiful as you are. -Quoting Greta Garbo and John Barrymore in Grand Hotel, 1932-

The Secret Garden

adfc7-2010-06* Dreamt of unicorns outside a window. Fist fights, comic books and superheroes. An old building with several floors that survived a fire. The story of a blackout and water. Making out with a girl in the bedroom of an old couple. Shrimp cocktails and some sort of sport. Finding a way to the roof and watching a gray landscape (with a hovering car being dropped). An accident with a little kid and a nail on the wall piercing his head. A party and an enemy with magical powers. A pretty girl with glasses. Some dogs barking, specially a little one. The 3 unicorns outside the window. That’s more or less what I remember.

* The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and fell down hard on November 9, 1989.

* “All your friends are comedians” – Juno

Love, Are We There Yet ?

Every morning on the subway I see thousands of faces. Some are re-runs of mornings past. Reading kindles, emails, real books (self-help crap and novels), daily news, new york times, wall street journal, village voice, some free papers, school books, or nothing at all. Some are bleeding high pitch noise from their headphones, unaware that we can hear them sing along. Grinding teeth, sleepy, tired, bored… nobody seems happy. Well, sometimes there is a couple still in their honeymoon phase, smooching and sharing their cheesy conversation with the whole train car.

In the evenings the same faces are in worse shape. Images of lost hope and isolation. And the mariachi musicians slightly out of key, breakdance kids (when there is enough room for their jumps), bible preachers, sobbing theatrical performances and indifference. Crossing Manhattan bridge (on my way home) the images of the city remind me of the glitter and riches promised to everyone but very few scratch or smell.

Let There Be More Light

* Today I went over our Cali and Cartagena vacation pictures. I wish I had spent more time with my dad. Mom looked good (besides her little tantrums here and there). My sisters are awesome. It was so good to see them all. Granddad is still built like a tank, even though I am taller now. Grandma is sweet as sugar cane. And Beto, blind and deaf, still around…. at a slower pace.

* It’s cold outside. At least is dry. No snow or rain. Just cloudy. It’s been ages since I listened to “Saucerful of Secrets”. There goes an email from work. On saturday. Shit. Anyway, it’s cold outside. Not going anywhere tonight. Maybe a Netflix movie and some reading. And then to bed. Sounds like a plan to me.

Purple Man Takes A Sun Bath

* Christmas in Brooklyn was wonderful. Neither one of us traveled far to visit family (no traveling nightmare or family drama this time around). Instead we spent time with friends, talking endlessly, playing Nintendo Wii, watching a Jim Henson’s Christmas movie, sharing food and drinks. But the most wonderful thing of it all was that we stayed home. Brooklyn is home now.

* What a pleasant gift… “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, a novel.