Cyberpunk Blues

Once again George Orwell made me cry. In “Animal Farm” just like in real life pigs ruling over all. The distortion of history. The ruler’s cruelty. Their ways to deceive and convince the population that their decisions even though absurd or insane were for the benefit of everyone when it was clear that only the pigs benefited, with more power and wealth for themselves.

Reminds me of big corporations and their CEOs. Of governments made out of powerful crooks. Of old fashion dictators in their bubbles surrounded by pain. Anyway pigs are everywhere holding tight to power. The pigs. Rulers of the world.

Maybe after all is not a bad idea to retire to a desolated island. Try being less worried. Happier.

Sweet Cockroach Cocktail

* As a famous celebrity said “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff”. Some celebrities can’t be more stupid.

* A woman is sleeping and awakes to sulfuric acid burning on her face, leaving her disfigured. The action of a rejected lover. A man who became a monster out of jealousy. I wish this was fiction. It’s just another case of human brutality. I feel like crying.

* Slowly. It spins. Then faster. Louder. The bass makes every inch of the skin tremble. It’s dark. There’s a radioactive painting covering the wall. It used to be empty now you can barely avoid touching those around you. The Cockroach Cocktail, one of the little details of “The Flies”. A forgotten place where I used to hide. Where I made friends and lovers. I’m not homesick. I love my new home. But sometimes it’s good to remember.

Analog Physical Modeling

* So there’s this debate about healthy meat and the wishful thinking that the pork in our plate used to be a cool pork, the cool porks with their iPods filling the subway on their way to the country club running to stay fit, playing volleyball or golf with his mates. In the end they ended up in someone’s plate to be eaten, the cool healthy pork.

* We have the starring role in our novel. Being it a comedy, a soap opera or a hard-core-junkie paradise. The timeline of our life. We have a fraction of eternity given to us. We must make the best out of it. Even when we sleep.

* I’m just too tired now. I’m going to bed.

Love Spiral Upwards

* Ever since I got married I’d been given advice about marriage, about understanding and patience, trying to give hope or something. Somehow I think most people married the wrong person. On my case things are just getting better. Even my belly is growing (I have to cut out the cheese….)

* So here we are in this little planet spinning silently around a star that also spins around a galaxy with millions of other stars with their own puny little planets spinning and the whole galaxy is spinning but there are many other galaxies spinning and we have all this immensity totally unaware of our existence. But this little planet is our home. We should take care of our home, little planet Earth.

* Dancing salsa music and drinking caipirinha, drinking a bit more and dancing 60’s rock in a crowded basement, another drink for the ride home and the promise of love, sweet wild love. But those drinks drown my brain and left me only to pass out on the futon. Harmless, happy and drunk (^_^).

Wurlitzer Detuned Piano

* After attending to a Bjork concert I came to think that she tries hard to look always cute to her audience but I bet in her private life she’s a psycho selfish bitch. Either way it was a nice concert. Sigur Ros also played, even though some people were wondering who those guys were and what funny language was that they were signing…..

* John Horgan wrote a book called “End of Science”. He was predicting somehow how humanity at the present time was going back to the medieval mystical beliefs, leaving the intellectual and scientific thoughts to a minority population. Too bad he was right. It’s like the dark ages again, with Inquisition and all.

* Regarding images of Buddha, sometimes is polite to pay respect to the image but not in worship or asking for favors, just plain thanks for the teachings. Buddhists never preach or try to convert. Besides, there has never been a war fought in the name of Buddhism. I guess in other words, Buddhism is way cooler way of thinking.

Hippie Candy Raver

* I remember writing about walking home with strangers and letting lust flow like a fountain. It’s been a while since such _images were the only reality. I can only thank now the angel that saved me from myself.

* Just like any apocalyptic movie, novel or prophecy, right now we are having enough wars and useless deaths all over the world. Damn the arrogant pigs with the power for leading the blind masses to their own extinction.

* Gravity zero should be so cool to experience, floating, levitating, no funny drugs needed…. just vast space all around. The closer I’d been was skin-diving in the pacific ocean while trying to reach a speedy sea turtle…. hold your breath.

* So Jenny and I got married at City Hall. It was a lovely day (^_^)!

Siddhartha Gotama

* In the beginning I was a cute christian little kid. And it was good. Ignorance is bliss. On my teens I was a maladjusted atheist punk. It was good. Nietzsche led the way. On my 30th birthday I was a pothead buddhist wannabe. It’s so good. Looking for balance in a chaotic world.

*, Yahoo Personals, Lavalife, The Onion Personals, Friendster, Chat Rooms, whatever… and this is the future of social life, in front of a computer screen.

* Somehow those night creatures are like my family. I love their music and their dance. I love the nonsense of our after parties. I love each and every one. See you on sunday night (^_^)!

Time Division Multiplexing

Nostalgia always comes on time, visits me when I’m alone. She sits on my lap and caress my tears, at least when I let them out.

Nostalgia enchants me with her innocent eyes, makes drawings in the air of every sign of life. She takes my hand and gently takes me to remember her majestic light.

But I can’t stay too long. The best of this misery is that it is mine.

Nostalgia, I give you a kiss on your lips. Nostalgia, good bye.

Song for the Pigs that Hold the Power

Steel structures rise all over the red dead river. Shine like the future, sad and cold. Hypnotic flames among the neon lights. Is bright as hell but dark inside.

Just because you shine and feel like steel, cold steel. For being so big, so imponent and unreachable


For all the blood inside you which doesn’t belong to you. All the greatness and the misery surrounds you but doesn’t touch you.

Do you really think you’re better?

A Less Painfull Truth

* Humanity and its tendency to worship its own achievements or to self-destruction. Humanity as a threat to life on this cute little planet or anywhere else. Humanity convinced of its own superiority when it has never lived in peace with nature life forms and the landscape. Humanity as an arrogant bully looking only its own benefit.

* Sometimes I think that if there’s a god and devil…… all animals, plants and miracles are god’s. And for sure Humanity is the devil’s puppet blindly destroying everything else… even itself.

* Thank god I’m atheist.