Turn Off The Internet

Human tragedy of different scales from a bus of people massacred by a street gang in Honduras to giant tidal waves first crushing and later sucking everything in south Asia but humanity always moves on and I have to remember to turn off the internet stop checking the email play the piano pick up a new book drink a glass of wine lay flat on the floor think about the past year’s ups and downs and you’re not getting any younger but remember that life is not about our destination but everything about the ride.

Ergonomic Torture Chamber

In 1978 George Romero wrote and directed a movie called ‘Dawn of the Dead’ where hundreds of slow motion zombies (walking dead freaks) where following their basic instincts and end up in a shopping mall. Just like last Friday where thousands of alienated people followed their primordial drive and even before dawn were in line to get inside their temples of debt. No wonder there’s a 2004 remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ but the zombies were no longer slow, but speed demons after their prey: human brains and anything on sale.

Underwater Hormones Rush

* Politiks. The passionate hatred or love for a public servant. Their salary comes from the taxes we pay, but the only way to fire them (if they are doing a lousy job) is when we have the chance to choose a different politik pig to replace them. Next week, go on and vote. The world is watching.

* I used to look at girls and feel nothing. They were just weird and not too much fun to play with. Then one day at a swimming pool I was doing my diving stunt of going underwater across the pool and saw the most gorgeous silhouette, it was a girl. After that hormonal awakening I stopped fighting and making fun of girls (too much trouble anyway). And that girl might have been my first love. Too bad we never kissed.

Psychoactive Candy

The simplicity and beauty of a film showing life and its cycles represented with the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, spring. A perfect circle. The wisdom of Buddhism. Peace of mind. The consequences of our actions. Regardless of our intellect, we tend to learn from our mistakes. Our life represented as a spiral staircase where I wish I could skip the broken steps. Hold my hand tight, let’s walk this spiral together.

Telepathic Mind Control

* In one South Park episode there was this gigantic dumb elephant that gets drunk with a beer keg and fucks a cute little pig. Somehow this week our beloved city will be invaded by gigantic dumb elephants and will try to fuck us all. Seems like irony and politics are a happy couple.

* At the Metropolitan observing hyperealistic portraits from the Caravaggio era around the 1590s and later black and white photographs of people from the 1920s. The light in their eyes gives the illusion when making eye contact with someone as if they were still alive, but they are long gone. In the distant future someone might look at our pictures and wonder how it was to live in our time. Images of our era for those who are yet to be born.

Foolish Thing Desire

The beautiful one asked me softly if I wanted a drink and without hesitation I said ‘scotch’ and eventually sitting on a table on that bar over delancey and stanton she was curious about my country so I drew up a little map of Colombia on a napkin and even if I was supposedly busy talking out loud I was mostly contemplating her beauty and smile full of teeth while she was sipping her colorful drink and listening to my bullshit when the only thing we wanted was a kiss. So we kissed. Now it’s been over two years. And we will keep on kissing until love will tear us apart. And then some more.

Plastic Water Bottle Blues

* It’s amazing that most of those who are willing to share are precisely those who have very little. Apparently selfishness grows proportional to greed. It’s a beautiful thing to share the little you have with those who need it.

* My sister Juliana in a ‘deja-vu’ appearance is in town visiting after two years of absence. She’s not growing any taller, but her mind has expanded tenfold. You can always learn something from her.

* The parody of social life, the empty amazing looks, the desperate flirting and the loneliness. It’s easier to observe from the sidelines. I wonder what will be in the future of all of these dance floor characters, when their good looks fade away. Still I love them, and I wish them well.

Dalai Lama Rock Star

Everybody is different and yet we share this little tiny planet. Violence generates more violence. It has to stop sometime. We need tolerance, understanding, good will. I’ve learned that to have inner peace it is necessary to release our anger and forgive those who have hurt us. To live with anger and fear will only consume us. The past is a memory. What matters is the future.

Harry Pothead and the Wizard of Badacidtrip

* So I got into a fight with a guy after he was grabbing my girl’s butt and then the bouncers kick us all out but after a block away we have to come back because jenny forgot her purse and at the door the guy and his friend were trying to get back into the party, the bouncer let jenny in to only pick up her purse and then the two losers started insulting me and to the bouncer’s judgment it was fair enough to let me back in (after all that guy was messing with jenny’s butt) so those guys stayed out and we got back into the party and jenny kept on dancing happily but I sat down and started to shake… I need another drink.

* Remember when everything was simple? Riding a bike didn’t needed a license. Girls were just other little friends to play hide and seek. The little people we were. With our colorful clothes and high pitch voices. I may become a father of one of those little people, maybe in 10 years…..

Cute Little Mouse

* Jenny found out in an anthropology book that Cali (the city where I grew up) is famous for the beauty of its women. She asked me if that was true (and yes, it is true) and if so, how can she compete. The answer was simple “you already won”.

* Noises. Slowly opening your eyes you notice the mouse looking at himself in the mirror against the wall. Holy shit. A mouse. It looks almost cute. But a mouse….?! Shit. Think, what can you do? The mouse realizes that it’s not alone and quickly hides in the corner closet. You block the exit with two thick books and start removing some shoes and stuff. The mouse is behind a belt, hoping that you will go away. You get a plastic trash can and remove one of the books and put the trash can instead. The mouse runs for it trying to escape but instead gets inside the plastic trash can. You close it and peek into it and notice the mouse at the bottom and then jumping. You go outside with the plastic trash can and walk to the park, and let the mouse free. You feel good because you didn’t kill it. Go back home and to bed again. Sleep. Noises. Shit, not again… but now there are two of them, wondering where is their friend…