So The World Might Be Mended / Zardoz

* A few nights ago I dreamt that I was helping a little girl close the wood window shutters of a big house. A storm was coming. Also dreamt of David Bowie (late 90’s?). Had another dream with Melissa in a huge mansion with an overhead window in the shower. Sometimes in dreams we get to fly, but think this time was first ever I was an actual fighter aircraft pilot, flying really fast through a canyon (kind of those cheese 80’s movies, or maybe “Independence Day”?). During a year in lock-down, dreams was the farther we could go.

* The year of 2020 was horrible for lots of people. Number of reasons, starting with COVID-19 global epidemic, political unrest, civil and human rights abuses, economic hardships, suicide, homelessness, misery worldwide. But I am grateful that together we pulled through and feel hopeful for 2021 and beyond.

* “What is friendship but a chance encounter” – Patches the Spider in Bloodborne