Rain And Synths

Went to midtown Manhattan and bought a Moog Voyager XL. The ebay listing was for a used unit with a huge discount from the list price. Armen’s shop was like a museum: walls of synths from 70’s to 90’s piled on top of each other. Quite an interesting one man shop.

To take the XL home I rode the subway, and carried the incredible heavy synth with the assistance of a hand truck that I got at Penn Station (same place where I got one back in 2000). In the subway station I used elevators where available, but still strained my back while carrying the huge box up and down some stairs. Then I walked home quite a few long blocks until I made it home. Such was the frustration that I felt when I discovered that one F key was not working. 

Next day I woke up to rain leaks in the apartment, mostly in the bedroom. Glad the leaks were not on top of the computer desk and synths. Rain fell hard throughout the day. Took a car service back to the store, exchanged the synth for an unopened brand new synth. Afterwards I went to Main Drag and bought a concertina for Melissa and our music room….

The Flow Of Actual Electrons

61fa4-2014-11* Attending a performance of the Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center, infused with champagne before and during the intermission, a walk outside into the cold of the night, reaching into my pockets for a carefully hidden ring, her surprised eyes were wide open, her smile doubted for a second… or two, to finally answer yes.

* It’s a coincidence that on another wandering Saturday I end up watching “John Dies at the End”. First time was at the Sunshine theater over a year ago, and recently at Macri Park. During the house warming party we were quite drunk but I remember Melissa hugging me and saying “I love this man”. Yeah, I love her too.

* “Who took the Bomp from the Bompalompalomp?” -Le Tigre

The Strange Library


Just like in the movies, there’s some sort of epidemic spreading globally. Ancient and resilient, the Ebola virus has killed scores of people in Africa, and slowly has appeared in Europe and very recently in America. A doctor that was treating patients in West Africa became the first NYC case last Thursday October 23rd. Melissa works for the city’s emergency management agency and she’s been super busy, more than usual, because of the Ebola outbreak. Just like the old saying, let’s hope for the best, be prepared for the worst.

Metal Gear Rising

e1e8e-2014-09* About a year ago my sister Monica called to tell me that she had leukemia. She went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, tons of drugs and a complete reset of her immune system. She got a transplant of my own cells and so far she’s still cancer free.

* Spent a weekend with my family to attend my father’s birthday. A band was hired to play Beatles songs (terribly) and it was amusing to see him dancing with both of my sisters. My grandmother was there too, she is so fragile now. None of us is getting any younger.

* My cat is sound asleep, think I need to go to bed too.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

fbd6d-image20140828_121826* In the beginning of September I will be moving to a new place. The building used to be a late 19th century firehouse. The surroundings are industrial and rough, but it adds to its character.  Think Sumi (my cat) will be happy there.

* The end of the movie “Lucia y el Sexo” spirals back into the middle of the story. Not sure if that meant that the events of the film were fiction written by one character who was a novelist, or just the film’s director excuse for a happy ending.

* Barcelona is much better a second time around.

Postcards From Italy


* Had a dream of a younger version of Dylan speaking to me non-stop in french. There were some portrait paintings on the wall. My sister Juliana was around. Melissa and I had chocolate croissants. Inside a different room there was a lot of people but everyone looked like out of a Love and Rockets graphic novel.

* During an early evening conversation, after returning from the beach, I said “Well I don’t want to be the skinny dude with a beer gut and a pony tail“. Without hesitation she replied “that’s actually kind of hot“, while drawing the cutest smirk on her face.

Masculin Féminin


* On my birthday I was off from work and decided to go for a long run crossing the Manhattan bridge and back via the Williamsburg bridge totaling 12 kilometers. Around noon I watched the soccer world cup match of Colombia beating Ivory Coast 2-1. After the game I had a southern style lunch with fried chicken, corn bread, brussels sprouts and kale. Melissa left work early and came over on her bicycle, bringing home-made cupcakes, a red journal, a funny birthday card and an amazing book about photography. We made it on time to the Anthology Film Archives to attend the premiere of the “Italian Connection”, a film festival organized by Alessio. Afterwards we had an amazing dinner at Desnuda, the ceviche place on 7th St. A brief visit to Ace Bar and then a taxi home. That was the end of spring, summer was about to welcome us.

* “Beats are broken, bones are spastic, boombox talkin’ with a southern accent” – from Beck’s song ‘Cellphone’s Dead’.

Only Lovers Left Alive


* My sister Juliana has a new boyfriend and as usual he’s shorter than her. At a party my sister was wearing high heels and looked even taller than normal. Chusco asked him if he was not bothered by the fact that he looked so small by my sister’s side. Smart enough his reply was “Of course not, I look successful”. I haven’t met him yet but I already like him.

* We agreed to meet in Greenpoint and then rode our bicycles north, passing through Queens until we made it across a bridge into Randall’s Island. Over the weekend the “Frieze Art Fair” was happening, showcasing the works of mostly contemporary artists from all around the world. A sculpture that resembled an earthquake reminded Melissa of her job. After spending most of the afternoon at the art fair, we decided to head back to Brooklyn only to be welcomed by a fierce thunderstorm, getting us completely drenched and shivering cold, riding our bicycles became more challenging than normal specially through flooded streets, forcing us to find shelter… but not before a kiss in the rain.

And Then I Dreamt of Yes

d2d07-2014-04Anxiety descending. When the sun comes up is great to go out for a run to get lost in thoughts, a natural high without side effects. An encounter with old friends, Vanessa (with her irish boyfriend) and Jennifer who is finally done with her PhD. Sold some of my music instruments on ebay, but gave my drum throne and fancy bass drum pedal to Jason, still need to hear his band. My sister is back home from the hospital, so far she’s cancer free, pieces of me were transplanted inside her, a factory of new cells. Acid trip down the rabbit hole.