Lords Of Cinder


* The other day I was wondering what would I say to the 2001 version of myself. So much I’ve changed. The 2016 version is a different entity. Same name though. But I’ve seen a bit more of the world. What would the 2036 version of myself would be able to teach me? I’d love some of his insights.

* When is dark and cold in the middle of the night I find the sound of her breathing to be very soothing. My eyes can draw her siloouthe with the help of the street light that leaks through the window as I convince myself that she’s not part of a dream.

* Colombia’s government signed a peace deal with the guerrilla group known as FARC after 52 years of their civil war conflict. A glimmer of hope, I believe, for the world.

Brave New World


* The 2016 US Presidential Election was nerve wrecking. Most people in the world (including myself) are terrified of 4 years of a xenophobic racist pathological liar ignorant arrogant sexual predator white supremacist president. My faith in humanity has been heavily bruised, but I hope this tragic turn of events awakens a real social movement.

* Fidel Castro died at the age of 90…. and still Cuba is so close yet so far away.

Cat In The Brain


* Melissa had surgery last Tuesday. Even though the procedure took longer than expected everything went well. Her mother came all the way from Atlanta and spent some time with us in our place. Yeah, even if briefly we were Brooklyn roommates with her mother.

* Alessio is back from Florence. He moved back to Italy a few months back, after 19 years of living in New York City. Glad he still have film festivals to run in NY. This past week we’ve been enjoying Lucio Fulci’s films at the Anthology Film Archives. On Halloween night I’m looking forward to watch “The Beyond”… also known as “Seven Doors of Death”

*  The USA presidential election day is coming…. November 8th is coming….. and I’m going to cast my vote for the blond woman of steel  (and not the orange delusional bully)

Heaven Can Wait


* It’s been a year since Sumi died. Finally on a beautiful Sunday afternoon we walked to where Grand Street ends and spread her ashes into the East River.

* The first presidential debate: dorky smart woman beating the shit out of the slacker bully who thought he could just wing it with his ignorant antics….

* “And I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things” -clearly articulated by Tyrion Lanister


Strange Titans


* In a dream I was playing with a rock band but the leading singer was a female robot

* There were also jelly like frogs and floating metallic masks

* When sleep deprived nothing makes much sense

* ZZzzzzzzzzzzz

From Russia With Love


* Dairo Rueda died, after months battling cancer. Melissa and I attended his funeral service down in Florida. Tons of people from the past were there. Eduardo Guevara and Edilma who were his friends since they  were teenagers. His wife Rosalba and daughters Paoli and Tamara. Dairo’s parents, Don Martin y Dona Chepa both in their late 80’s. My mother was there too. My sisters were earlier in the week and on the day of Dairo’s death.

* Diaro and my father became friends when they were little kids sometime in the 1950’s. On their teenage years they were part of cultural revolution in their small town while listening to subversive foreign music by some band called The Beatles. When I was a teenager the three of us went to an art cinema to watch “The King Of Comedy” but we only got two tickets (it was all sold-out). So my dad decided to wait outside the cinema while I went in with Dairo to watch the movie. Only good memories of Dairo Rueda.

* Finished reading ‘Breakfast of Champions’ by Kurt Vonnegut. It was first published on 1973, the year I was born. Time is going too fast….


Constellation Explorer


* Just a couple of days  after attending a ‘The Cure” concert at the Madison Square Garden we flew to Iceland to run a midnight sun half-marathon. Reykjavik, Thingvellir rifts, the village of Vik, Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, majestic glaciers, black sand beaches, hot-dogs stand by the thermal pools…. we loved Iceland.

* Just to add insult to injury, Iceland defeated England 2-1 in a great soccer match, not long after the UK voted on a referendum to leave the European Union (aka Brexit).

* Found out the hard way that my Leica camera can’t survive underwater…..

Game Of Thrones


Around the world there are plenty of examples of strongmen ruling a country.

They came to power via democratic elections (crooked or not), after a military coup, hand picked as a successor, at least one simply inherited power from his daddy. An ex-KGB agent is making Russia great again (so he thinks). The only fat person in North Korea rules (everybody else is skinny probably because don’t have enough to eat). In Venezuela an uneducated (for not bluntly calling him ignorant) populist is hanging by a thread to the presidency. Sadly the list of strongmen is rather long and most of them will be around for long years to come.

What the world needs is more grounded, smart, pragmatic rulers, really worth of respect and admiration (think Merkel and Obama) that can provide the world with a glimmer of hope. The prospect of a big mouth, racist, egomaniac, tan machine addicted idiot as US president is terrifying.

Colorful Film Noir

2016-04* When I was a kid I was very fond of “Mafalda”, a comic book cartoon than was published from the early 60’s until mid 70’s. Even though the main character was a little girl and her friends, the comic book was very critical of world affairs: military conflict, social classes inequality, the cold war, the threat of nuclear conflict. It is now 2016 and “Mafalda” still has relevance to the world we live today.

* Haven’t listened to Placebo in a long time. Also I’ve been revisiting Bowie’s early albums. While I’m working classical music is just perfect. But after a long day of endless conference calls and digital paperwork there’s nothing like the sound of an emotional androgynous electric guitar….  just like Prince.

The Signal And The Noise


* It’s been a week, but on the evening after I got a tooth pulled out my whole face felt that I was just involved in a bar fight, it was a very particular kind of pain. By today the stitches have already fell off (couldn’t stop playing with my tongue in the gap between the teeth).

* Politics. Politicians. Three branches of government. Promises of change derailed by extremist republican assholes (yeah, congress and the senate has the most concentration of assholes per square feet).  And very scary republican presidential candidates: a fat evil vampire from texas and an orange egomaniac with a big mouth.

* From Colombia (and from most neighboring countries) there are commercial flights into Cuba, but not from the US. President Obama visited Cuba last weekend (last US president to do so was Calvin Coolidge back in 1928). Time to update the history books.