Bauhaus Hope


* “Because your mornings will be brighter, break the line, tear up rules, make the most of a million times no” – song lyrics from Bauhaus’ 1983 album “Burning from the inside”

* The year of 2017 was tragic for social justice, for our countries, for the whole world. For the upcoming year of 2018 there’s hope….


Underworld Dirty Epic


* Lighten up. Walk straight. You don’t want to have a hunchback in your later years. Read the news. All the colors in the sky at the end of every early morning run…. con mi amor.

* Last sunday afternoon we stopped by a used records store, among my finds were Bauhaus’ “Burning from the inside” and Ruben Blades’ “Buscando America” both released in 1983. Melissa was more interested in cuban music from the 50’s.

Warriors Of Destiny


* Michael Bloomberg (our former city mayor) said that Brexit is the “stupidest single thing any country has ever done” apart from the election of Donald Trump as US President.

* Early tomorrow Melissa is flying to Puerto Rico as part of a team sent by NYC Emergency Management to help with the recovery efforts. Hurricane Maria was devastating to the island. It’s been over a month and most of the island of Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power or access to drinking water.

* Role playing in dreams or video games, the illusion of becoming someone or something else…. perhaps an authentic Deus Ex Machina with cybernetic implants. I’d love to have better eyes and stop wearing glasses.


Waiting for the Flood


* Hurricanes are defined by NASA as the most violent form of storms. Hurricanes, also known as typhoons or cyclones, are powered up by warm moist air. The hotter the air, the more powerful the hurricane is. Recent hurricanes were violently strong and devastated several Caribbean islands and some parts of Texas and Florida. Global warming strikes again.

* We spent some days in Montreal and walked all over the city (literally). Back in NYC we attended Depeche Mode and Arcade Fire concerts.  Fall season is officially on but it feels like Summer is staring over. Waking up at 6am and together going for what we call a “romantic run” is a great way to start the day.

* “Fluorecente azul, luz que baña mis sentidos, donde todo empieza a ser real” -words by Gustavo Cerati and his song “Primavera 0”

The Name Of The Rose

2017-08* Sister Monica and Sister Juliana….. written like that sounds like they are nuns.

* In Charlottesville, VA a white supremacist drove his car fast towards a large group of people and killed a young woman, and injured many more. In Barcelona, Spain a religious extremist ran over people with a truck, murdering at least 13 people. White supremacists and religious extremists have something in common: their blind passionate hate of those who are different to them.

* Brief and sweet was the Brooklyn visit of Alessio, Yunsun, Anouk and Romie (which for a toddler has great dancing moves). Dylan and Angela hosted their farewell cookout. Tripping balls with weed gummy bears.

Analog Filter Overdrive


* First dream was with Alessio and Dylan, we attended a boat casino party. When we got back to the pier we were about to share a taxi. Second dream was with my sister Juliana and her friends. I was acting like the older yet cool brother. Last dream was inside a small apartment with russian hackers. Is possible that I was trying to help but screwed up instead… disconnecting the hacker’s dial-up connection.

* Women in power seem more sympathetic to common people. Too many dicks and assholes in congress and the most vile incompetent cunts in the white house. This past week two ladies and republican senators, Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), voted “no” to an abomination of a bill that would have affected millions of people. The final blow came from John McCain (Arizona), a Vietnam war veteran, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, as he voted last and with a gesture of his hand and soft spoken “no” derailed 7 years of republican efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

* Melissa looked straight into my eyes and said “thank you for being my shield”. We’ve just got back from a rock concert, drunk, sweaty, tired and so in love with each other.

Drum Machines

2017-06* Been having crazy dreams. In one Sir Roger Moore was around, frail and old but also young and elegant. He recently passed away at the age of 89. Another dream I was back to school, having a really hard time taking a written test. I couldn’t get my writing legible and it felt like my words were evaporating. This other dream I was naked and unable to find where I left my wristwatch behind, even though I seldom take it off.

* Two years ago Melissa and I got married, once at City Hall downtown Manhattan, and twice in Cartagena, if we count the impromptu blessing of the rings that all of the sudden became wedding ceremony too.

* LCD Soundsystem live performance at Brooklyn Steel was amazing. Their music penetrated every nook of our bodies… my muscles are still sore because all the dancing