Smashing Pumpkins


* During the first song performed by Billy Corgan I cried. It was unexpected, bittersweet and beautiful:  “Disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want me to cut that little child inside of me and such a part of you, oh the years burn“.

* John McCain died this past weekend, shortly before his 82nd birthday. His mother of 106 years old outlives him. Never met him personally but I admired him. Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush have been asked to give eulogies on his funeral. Current president is “persona non grata“.

* We rode our bicycles to Brooklyn Bridge Pier and took a ferry to Governor’s Island. Met up with Kathryn, Penelope, Harriet and Mike. Some band was playing music from the 1920’s. For lunch we had jamaican jerk chicken. Rode our bikes back to Brooklyn. Summer sunday fun in the sun.


Valve | Steam


* When I do a speed-run my muscles burn and my heart beat goes so incredibly fast I should find a way to record its sound.

* A drone synth playing back and forth. Oscillator 1 is a triangle wave. Oscillator 2 is square wave. Oscillator 3 is a pulse width modulation (pwm) wave. Cutoff frequency is -3.5. Filter emphasis is around 9. The amount of filter countour is 2. The rate of the LFO (low frequency oscillator) is 1.5. Modulation is affected by LFO and Oscillator 3. A short sequence looping in PRO-TOOLS with a beat from BOOM drum machine. Time goes by endlessly.

*  “Heaven can wait, and hell’s too far to go. Somewhere between what you need and what you know. And they’re trying to drive that escalator into the ground” – lyrics from “Heaven Can Wait” by Charlotte Gainsbourg and produced by Beck.

How Do Jet Engines Work?


* Sleep deprivation takes its toll at work. Something simple, almost trivial, was wrongly executed. How many zeroes for kilo? for mega? for giga? for tera? etc….

* We attended the wedding of Ashley and Arog down in Hot Springs, Arkansas. A charming town, home of president Bill Clinton and quite popular back in the day because of their fancy bath houses.

* Trade wars, bloody wars, political wars, extremists wars, immigration wars… yet there’s some relief found in the soccer world cup. As of today there are 5 Central / South American countries that made it to the round of 16: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Mmmm…. the USA team didn’t even make it to the tournament.

Heavens on Earth


* Very fond memories of Memorial Day holiday weekend in Atlanta (Georgia) and rest of the week at New Orleans (Louisiana). Going back to work, it all feels like a dream.

* Recently I went for a job interview at CUNY (City University of New York) for a job directly related to their data-center and campus network. Went to my local barber-shop and had a hair cut (better than trying to cut it myself again), had a bit of trouble fitting into my nice suit pants, arrived on-time, met a group of 4 people and answered them questions about technical stuff…. At the end I was escorted out and explained this was the first round of interviews. Hope they call me back for the second round.

* “When you were young and your heart was an open book you used to say live and let live” – quote from “Live and Let Die” song by Wings (Linda and Paul McCartney)

A Bridge Too Far


* Recently one of my co-workers got laid off. My sister in-law (Melissa’s sister) is also getting laid off. Got no sympathy for the corporate world, they don’t see us as valuable people, instead they just see dollar numbers. What else can I do to make a decent living?  Should I try to make money taking photos?  Drawing cartoons?  Being a rock-star?  Alessio and I better get that one-hit wonder song ready……

* A quote from Daniel C. Dennet’s book “From Bacteria to Bach and Back” : “Thanks to this infestation of culturally evolved symbiont information structures, our brains are empowered to be intelligent designers, of artifacts and of our own lives“.

Annihilation Kaleidoscope


* My sister Monica spent a weekend with us in NYC. We had quite a lot of quality time including a visit to David Bowie’s exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, the “top of the rock” at the Rockefeller Center, brief but fun walk around Prospect Park. At an italian restaurant there was a guy singing old-school songs and walking around with a microphone and it was quite charming that my sister was able to sing along without hesitation.

* It took 4 years to be able to run again the NYC Half-Marathon. This time around Melissa and I ran together. It was a wonderful scenic route, starting in Park Slope Brooklyn, going across the Manhattan bridge, through the Lower East Side, up via the East Highway, sideways via 42nd street and through Times Square and a final loop around Central Park. Even though it was cold we both loved this run.

Metal Gear Survive


* Finished reading “The Watchmaker of Filigree Street” by Natasha Pulley. Loved how fantasy, love, science and steam-punk merged. Also the concept of free will is questioned. Do we have control of our lives or our paths have been hard-coded in our time-lines?

*  A silicon hairspring has thermo-compensating and non-magnetic properties which allows it to consistently oscillate regardless of temperature fluctuations and magnetic  fields. The accuracy of Melissa’s mechanical watch depends on it.

* Nanomachines gave life to zombie like creatures called “Wanderers”… easily identified by their glowing red horn out of what is left of their heads….