Zürich & Florence


* We spent a couple of weeks traveling by plane, train and bus while touring around Switzerland and Italy. Last year our friends left NYC and re-settled in Florence, where Alessio is originally from. My sister Monica hinted that when the time comes (she means babies and stuff) maybe we would end up doing the same….

* Quite an interesting contrast between two cities that we loved, Zürich and Florence.

* “Fighting for freedom on television – Sharing the word with slaughtered pigs – Have we got everything?” – words by Robert Smith (the Cure) from the song ‘One Hundred Years’


Mother Night

2017-03* Everyday news have become increasingly stressful. Some reported events are extremely sad. So much anger, hatred, intolerance, ignorance, fear… eating away humanity. Makes me wonder what can I do – what can anyone do – to make things better.

* On the top of a tall tower I see a vast horizon filled with glittering lights. Barefoot, shaved head, dressed up with a sleeveless but long legs neoprene diving suit, I jump into the air. Like swimming underwater I hover way high above the ground but not for long. Suddenly free falling triggers a lifetime worth of memories.

* The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is still the law of the land.

Good Old Kodachrome


* When I was a kid my very first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, a rather boxy chubby camera but incredibly easy to use. Even loading film was a no brainer, since it used ‘126 film’ which was a plug-and-play 35mm plastic cartridge. It supported this disposable flash called ‘Magicube’ – each side of the cube was a single bulb that would serve only for one shot, once a side was spent the cube will rotate for another flash until all four sides were done. The actual camera is no longer with me, but I still have some of the film negatives and prints….. not in a hard disk or flash card but in a cardboard box.

Pigs Ruling Over All


2017-01* Totalitarianism, noun, defined as: “A system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.”

* Real life pigs ruling over all. The distortion of history. The ruler’s cruelty. Their ways to deceive and convince. Pigs ruling over all. Pigs ruling over all (hipocritas politicos).

* Had a good dream – somewhere in time I was hanging out with my dad Jairo and Dairo Rueda.  Jairo and Dairo…. just realized their names rhyme.

Lords Of Cinder


* The other day I was wondering what would I say to the 2001 version of myself. So much I’ve changed. The 2016 version is a different entity. Same name though. But I’ve seen a bit more of the world. What would the 2036 version of myself would be able to teach me? I’d love some of his insights.

* When is dark and cold in the middle of the night I find the sound of her breathing to be very soothing. My eyes can draw her siloouthe with the help of the street light that leaks through the window as I convince myself that she’s not part of a dream.

* Colombia’s government signed a peace deal with the guerrilla group known as FARC after 52 years of their civil war conflict. A glimmer of hope, I believe, for the world.

Brave New World


* The 2016 US Presidential Election was nerve wrecking. Most people in the world (including myself) are terrified of 4 years of a xenophobic racist pathological liar ignorant arrogant sexual predator white supremacist president. My faith in humanity has been heavily bruised, but I hope this tragic turn of events awakens a real social movement.

* Fidel Castro died at the age of 90…. and still Cuba is so close yet so far away.

Cat In The Brain


* Melissa had surgery last Tuesday. Even though the procedure took longer than expected everything went well. Her mother came all the way from Atlanta and spent some time with us in our place. Yeah, even if briefly we were Brooklyn roommates with her mother.

* Alessio is back from Florence. He moved back to Italy a few months back, after 19 years of living in New York City. Glad he still have film festivals to run in NY. This past week we’ve been enjoying Lucio Fulci’s films at the Anthology Film Archives. On Halloween night I’m looking forward to watch “The Beyond”… also known as “Seven Doors of Death”

*  The USA presidential election day is coming…. November 8th is coming….. and I’m going to cast my vote for the blond woman of steel  (and not the orange delusional bully)